Tuesday, December 3, 2013


there's something about freshness, be it a crisp fresh piece of paper, a fresh aromatic cup of good coffee, a fresh clean t-shirt, the fresh smell of pine, jasmine, or vanilla. Just the word "fresh" is perfect for the images and sounds it conjures up. And with a fresh new season approaching it was time for a fresh look here on the blog.

We had our first snow Monday! I was snuggled deep under the covers, hanging on to every drop of sleep and warmth when my husband whispered into the tangled mess of my hair  "It snowed". I am like a kid about snowfall... as long as I no longer have to drive school bus in it! I sipped my coffee, tucked into in my robe and slippers and watched those mesmerizing flakes furiously swirling down for the time it lasted.

Which wasn't very long and by the time I'd layered up to walk, it was turning to rain. Ah, but it was so pretty while it lasted.

So, welcome Winter.....  what??? I know, I know, it's still Autumn technically and you know me!! I hate it when we RUSH the seasons. But something happens in my brain when December rolls around. It's my birthday month, for one thing and being a December baby (brat that I am) this month makes me feel a little territorial. Those of us who share this month with Christmas know what I'm talking about. And no matter what age I turn, every birthday deserves a fresh approach!

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