Sunday, December 8, 2013

December Baby

Sunday. Coffee in front of a crackling fire. Music (not Christmas) playing softly on the iPod. Blanket tucked around my legs, a cat balanced precariously between my lap and the arm of my chair, hoping to overtake the position my laptop occupies. The house is quiet; hubby just left for early church. And I am staying home this morning, hoping to recoup what I lost during the night: a solid nights rest!

Maybe the frigid temps of the past several days have caught up with me. Walking around all tensed up in an effort to keep warm, wreaks havoc on the muscles. Accidently-on-purpose ingesting some foods with suspect gluten in them (darn those tempting holiday treats!)  certainly adds to the problem for it does not take much (gluten) to inflame my body and bring on a dreaded fibro-like attack. So this morning I sit in my chair by the fire and try to just rest and relax. I cannot let these aches get the best of me. For this, this Sunday marks the one week countdown to my birthday and I intend to celebrate ALL WEEK LONG.

I told my friend a few weeks ago as we began planning for my birthday party, that truly I am not 'turning' 55. Rather I celebrate reaching the end of my 55th year. Think about it. When we reach our first birthday, we are celebrating our very first year of living outside of mama's womb. Each year we are living out the birthday number that is to come. So in that aspect, I have been living out my 55th year since my birthday last year! I know, I know, that's just too deep to comprehend this early in the morning. We'll need more coffee.

So, yes, I am beginning the celebrating of my upcoming day, today! Why not? Why not have more than one day to be joyous, to play, to have fun? We do the whole countdown to Christmas and build anticipation with each snip of the construction paper chain, each opening of the Advent Calendar window. Blame it on being a December baby, who sometimes felt cheated out of the focal point of her birthday by a jolly fat man in a red suit, but I really want to have some fun with my birthday this year. Hence, the celebrating beginning today, the birthday party at the end of this week and then, next Sunday, special plans on my special day, with my special man.

I have a date with my sister for this afternoon. She is treating me (and herself, truth be told) to a production of "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" playing at a local theater. We are excited. I have a fond recollection of this play, as eons ago, when I was a youth group leader, I cajoled 20 some teens and pre-teens, along with a handful of adults from our congregation to put on this same play for our church one Christmas. It was a crazy huge undertaking and I shake my head with wonder at the thought. There I was, this 30-something mother, with 20% organizational skills, and 80% spunk, pulling off a most ambitious production! But, pull it off, we did and it will be fun to sit in the audience and watch this play now. I am curious to see just how much of it I will remember!

Other plans for this week include some SELF PAMPERING. A hair appointment, shopping for something to wear to my party, a massage, maybe a mani-pedi, and certainly at least a couple of coffee dates with some sweet friends are all marked on my calendar for this week.

Yep,I will be living it up!

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