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This catchy little phrase has been seen on T-shirts, necklaces, charms,and posters.  For me it carries a deeper meaning. It has been developing into a testimony of sorts for me. You may have already noticed I have this motto on my blog: Living Faithfully, Loving Fully, Laughing Freely. This is why...

Living Faithfully. 
I accepted Jesus into my heart when I was just 9 years old. I have not lived a perfect Christian life. In fact, I've wandered down many a wrong road in my attempts to live life my way. Yet, just as Christ is faithful to forgive, I have sought forgiveness. Just as Christ is faithful in His love for us, I have tried to live my faith out so others may see the Light of Christ in me. I know I still fall. I still fail. But to the best of my ability, with the power of Christ, I believe I am, always seeking, to Live Faithfully.

Loving Fully
There were some dysfunctions in my family of origin. I was sexually abused as a child. I ran away from home as a teen. I got married, the first time at 17 and lived through over 15 years of hell in that relationship. My heart was shattered from abuse and betrayals. I found myself  fearfully falling in love at the age of 35 and wondered if it could really be possible to trust enough to give my heart completely . It was only through the healing power of Jesus that I found the broken places of my heart restored,  my capacity for love renewed. When I accepted that I was fully loved by God only then could I fully love others.

Laughing Freely.
I learned early on about the power of laughter. I learned it was better to make others laugh-- it gave me some control over the when and the how. It always feels better to know others are laughing with you-- not at you. I lost some of that freedom to laugh during those dark years as everything in my life was being censored and controlled. It has taken time, and timing, to regain the joy of life and the ability to laugh freely, despite whatever hardships continue to come my way.

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  1. This is beautiful, in fact, your whole blog is beautiful and such an inspiration to me.


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