a little bit about me

baptism in Philippi
I am first and foremost passionate about my faith in Jesus! 

I was raised in a church attending, God -fearing family and at the age of 9 asked Jesus to come into my heart and live. When I was 14 I made a more 'formal' (public) profession of faith to my church family and a few months later, was baptized.

When I say 'God-fearing" I mean just that... and it was YEARS before I truly came to meet the God of LOVE and GRACE; to really understand how precious I am to Him. This was a profound life-changing moment!

In 2010 we traveled to Macedonia with our church (North County Christ the King) on a mission trip and before we came home we made a visit to Philippi and saw the river where Lydia (Acts 16) was baptized. I was incredibly moved  by the whole mission experience.  I felt the Lord  prompting me to go down in the water and be washed clean as a way of preparing me for the next chapter(s) of my life. It was a POWERFUL experience!

I am crazy-in-love with my husband, even more than our wedding day.
taken in 1999

We dated for 2 years before he proposed but he was worth waiting for! He is my best friend, my lover, my champion, my rock. He makes me laugh and he laughs with me. He thinks I'm beautiful, talented and smart. And he respects me. Wow. What more could a girl ask for? 

My kids are grown up with kids of their own. 
They live on the other side of the country... much too far away for this momma/grandma's heart. I have (including step-grands) 10 grandchildren with -- uhum-- more to come!

Writing is my passion.
I love to create. It is my hope and prayer that my gift for the written word can be used to bless others in even some small way.

~the old farm I grew up on~
I am a country girl at heart 
I grew up on a dairy farm and was pretty much a tom-boy until I found out there was a reason I couldn't take my shirt off in the summer like the boys did. Hmmm. I fed calves, milked cows, drove tractor and flirted with the farm hands after I figured out the shirt thing.  

I love to play, laugh and make others laugh too
I like impulsive gestures, planning adventures, and surprising people. I threw myself a birthday party when I turned 49 and we all went roller skating. I took our small group to Barnes and Noble one time and told everyone to browse for an hour and then meet in the cafe, bringing one book they chose. Then we all took turns explaining why we chose that book. We learned a lot about each other that night!

Adventures I Would Chose:

if money was no object, I would tour Holland, Ireland, Greece and St. Maarten island. I want to explore New Mexico. All of it, but in particular Santa Fe.  I want to travel the United States at leisure.
In a travel trailer.
With my husband.

I love to sing 
not professionally, and not even karaoke although I've been known to do that a time or two! I know a song for almost every occasion and yes, I do quite often break into spontaneous singing to the annoyance/delight of others. However, singing as a way to praise and worship My Jesus really juices me. It is my spiritual love-language and I can think of no better way for me to express my awe and wonder at Who God is.

I Also Love...
    Books. Coffee. 
        coffee and books. 
               Add some Chocolate...

be still my heart!!

It's a beautiful thing.

some other things about me....

I am an Otter: Trust me, it'll work.
I'm Sanguine; let's have fun while we get it done!
Despite my outward-extroverted appearance, I am truly an introvert...
gotta have downtime to recharge my batteries.
more explicitly,
I'm an INFP: an introverted feeler with extroverted intuition.
I am compassionate, perceptive and like to help others.
Most importantly though,
I am:
Accepted, Secure and
Significant in the Eyes of Christ.