Saturday, November 9, 2013

Giving Thanks ~ Week 2

This week has given us a taste of winter. Our first frost, a dusting of snow on the foothills and fresh snowfall glistening off the peaks of Twin Sisters. I'm more inclined to turn on the electric blanket and furrow deeper under my blankets come morning. Even with the "Falling Back" of the clock and the extra hour we gained, I have been feeling sluggish for days and it takes every ounce of energy I can muster to overcome inertia. I read something the other day that said its quite a common side effect of the time change for an increase in migraines, lethargy and malaise to strike. How interesting.

What I am thankful for this week....

We gathered with my sister, her hubby and our cousins, for a Mexican feast at our favorite restaurant to celebrate my sister turning -- are you ready??--- 60!! Feeling extra thankful for this because of how many years it has been that we have not been together for our birthdays!

my beautiful sister wearing the traditional birthday sombrero.

We woke up to our first frost. It was face-biting cold on my walk but oh my, it was beautiful out!

I am really delighted with my new couch! Friends are preparing to sell their home, so they are downsizing and they offered us this only slightly used love seat. I had to decide whether going from a full size sofa to a love seat was wise considering we host small groups but I really love how it opens up our little living room. Feels much less like its wall to wall furniture and more like a cozy place to gather. And as for enough room, we tested it out Monday night and Tuesday morning with our small groups and it went just fine.

Thankful for time to just veg with books and tea... after I finished my chores of course.

God has two dwelling places; one in heaven and the other in a meek and thankful heart.

I missed a few weeks of the Precepts Bible Study and as a result, lost some momentum. I'm not kidding when I say this form of bible study is very challenging for me! But I am thankful for the things I am learning and the amazing ladies teaching the class and the amazing ladies in the class with me. Lots of good stuff being shared around the room!

My Mom turned 85 on Wednesday but we gathered Friday to celebrate. Her two sisters, 2 sisters-in-law, her niece and one of her granddaughters plus her own 2 daughters (my sister and myself) all met up at a restaurant for lunch and lots of chatter. One of the waitstaff came over and sang Happy Birthday to her-- it was really lovely. We enjoyed yummy lunches and it was fun to reconnect with family.

85 years! 

lots of rich stories around this table! 
A day of remembrance for a friend who passed away at age 91. "He lived a full life", we are fond of saying when someone passes away. And there is nothing like a memorial service to remind you to take stock in your own life. Am I living a full life? is always a good question to reflect on. During this season of thanksgiving, its especially appropriate. If  the life we are living doesn't seem like it's being lived to its full potential, what is holding us back? What needs to change in order to be able to really mean it when we say we are living life to the fullest?  And perhaps, most importantly, am I living the life God intended for me to live?

Good thoughts to ponder.... And how much of a blessing it is if you are able to answer YES!

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  1. Great list! It was so nice of your friends to give you that couch. Looks lik it is in great shape too!


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