Saturday, November 2, 2013

Giving Thanks ~ Week 1

Changes in the weather are afoot as Autumn hits full stride and prepares to transition into Winter. Here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest we'll see more rainy days this month, more bareness on the trees as the last leaf swirls to the ground. We'll start consuming eggnog and the piped in music of Christmas will permeate the air of every mall and coffee shop in America. The Halloween decorations will morph into Christmas ones and that sweet little holiday that comes at the end of November will be squeezed in like an extra guest at the table.

Thanksgiving is one of my very favorite Holidays. It's probably the only Holiday we have that hasn't been commercialized, Hollywood-ized, and made over. We don't see giant blow ups of turkeys and pumpkin pies on the lawn like we do of ghosts and spiders or Santa and his reindeer. For that alone I am thankful!

I am looking back over this past week and counting my blessings as I lay here on my couch (a new one that was gifted to us-- and which tops my list of things I am thankful for this week) wrapped in a cozy blanket, sipping tea and listening to the rain drum the rooftop. I am thinking that Saturdays are the perfect day to take stock in my surroundings and reflect on the things that have taken place in the past week. And that leads me to this:

My Week of Thankfulness

Sunday; for church and family and friends, for whispers from the Holy Spirit into my spirit. For a coffee date with my sweetie and my sister and her husband. For joy.

Monday; our small group that meets each Monday night, for the topic of our study, for truths we can stand firm upon.

Tuesday; my small group of ladies as we meet and continue to build relationships and trust, for the love and sharing that comes with being transparent.

Wednesday; thankful for the ability to pay a few bills and for the faith-factor that is being built up as we look back over another month of testing in that arena. For an afternoon with my sister-- we are still pinching ourselves with delight over the amount of time we can freely spend with one another. For a very tasty cup of Chai-Nog. (chai tea mixed with eggnog-- truly delightful!)

Thursday; the gift of a marvelous massage, a relaxing day spent at home and the goofy kids that rang our doorbell on Halloween, even though we'd turned out the lights. We had not bought candy but these neighbor kids knew somehow we were home, know Bruce well enough to holler his name. Bless my man's heart, he emptied out his pocket of change to dump in their treat bags. Thankful, so very thankful for his heart.

Friday; coffee date with a new friend, going deeper in conversation as we learn more about what makes the other tick. For laughter and all those feel good endorphins and for some really, really good coffee. For the nap I took and a really good book. Despite the waves of flu-like symptoms sneaking up on me, there was a sense of calm and relaxation in the air. And then the old couch was moved out and the new couch was brought in!

Saturday; I have the house to myself today. That alone is a gift. I am feeling better than I did yesterday and that is a gift as well. I am, as I said earlier, snuggling on this pretty little love seat and thinking about the week ahead as well as giving thanks for the week I have had.

What blessings have you experienced this week?


  1. Great list! Love your new layout. :)

  2. Fabulous list. You couldn't be more right about Thanksgiving. I hope it stays untouched by all the commercial hype and remains a day of family, friends, faith and gratitude.


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