Saturday, November 16, 2013

Giving Thanks ~ Week 3

Rain, rain, go away....
Actually, I'm one of those people who doesn't mind the rain all that much. Sure I get excited when the SUN comes out but as long as I have the option of being cozy warm inside while the rain pounds my rooftop, or have adequate rain gear for stomping through puddles outdoors (yes, I'm one of those kids) the rain doesn't bother me. And here in the PNW, in the Fall, we have lots of it! But hark-- what's that? The possibility of snow is predicted this weekend? Well, now.... that's something to be excited about too!

Another awesome week has unfolded. What are you thankful for in your life? Are you aware of the amazing things that take place every day? Little miracles, blessings and gifts that sometimes we overlook and take for granted, need to be appreciated. So it's good to stop and take note.

Here's my week of thankfuls.

We were invited to lunch at the home of  a family from church. We've been wanting to get to know them better and this was the perfect opportunity. We had a yummy lunch, chatted around the dinner table and then moved to the living room for a wild game of Apples to Apples. I want this game.

We also were blessed Sunday night by a gathering at our church for worship. Led by our talented worship leaders, they not only led us through an hour plus of worship and praise songs, they also introduced the songs they have written and produced on their first CD. WOW!! I can't wait to get my copy of this. Very talented people.

We wrapped up our study in small group on The Invisible War and decided to gather next week to celebrate and socialize. We haven't had much time in our study to just visit and mingle. We've hit some pretty deep stuff in this bible study so a time to play is appropriate. And to decide where we go from here.

The same thing is happening with my ladies bible study on Tuesday Mornings. We are also going to have a little party next week and talk about what to do next. I have grown to love these ladies and this group. It's been amazing to see each one share from the heart and I know it has stretched me to be in the leadership role. Good stuff.

Oh, this day was one of the best this week. I got to spend a good portion of the day with my oldest (as in we've been friends a long time) dearest friend. We've been friends since our boys were in cub scouts-- that was a lifetime ago! We have seen each other through crisis's with our children, divorces, remarriage, moving, graduations, and we survived a terrible misunderstanding that sadly left us estranged for a length of time. She is one of those friends who you can pick up with right where you left off , no matter how much time has gone by. Love this woman and it is always fun to just hang out with her no matter what we are doing.

taken several months ago during one of our visits

Still plugging along in the Precepts Ephesians study and I guess aside from the fact that we will soon be done, I am thankful for the sharing that takes place in our group discussions. The friendship I am seeing blooming between my sis and another gal in the class has also blessed me.

This day was also a massage day for me... oh.... my... wonderful!!!! A friend who recently graduated from massage school was using me as one of her practice people.... which meant I got these glorious body thumpings free of charge until she was able to actually open her own practice. This will be the last one for me for awhile now that she is open for business. Given some sad financial issues we are once again struggling with, it's out of my budget for now. Despite these money woes, I am thankful. Hubby had a job interview that afternoon and while we won't know anything for awhile, he feels it went really well and he enjoyed it regardless of what the outcome will be. And God is faithful. Despite the pile of bills once again growing on the desk and the very lean weeks of the past month and a half, we know He is walking us through this and we will survive.

A day with my sister, running errands; a visit to see our mom-- who is really THRIVING in her new place. On the way to see her, I remarked to my sister how nice it might be if Mom would be willing to take advantage of the hair salon at her assisted living place because getting a ride to her regular hair stylist can sometimes be difficult to arrange. But we both know how resistant our mother is to change. Well, one of the first things I noticed when we sat down to visit with her was that she'd gotten a haircut. I asked who took her to the salon and she told us she had -- on her own-- decided to investigate the onsite hair salon, made an appointment and got her hair done right there! My sister and I exchanged looks of amazement. Yes, she is truly thriving in her new place and that brings me such a level of peace and joy!!

In the evening, despite a dark and stormy night, hubby and I traversed up the mountain to church for a family fun night. The plan was to gather with church family over board games and snacks and just have some time for play. Well. play we did even though turnout was pretty slim. Maybe we'll do this again in a few months. It was fun for those of us who ventured out.

Which brings me around again to....

On THIS day, 11 years ago, our lives were blessed by the birth of this AMAZING BOY! 
My grandson, Kristjian Winter was born!!

 Some of you may recall my telling this story before but on the night before his birth a terrible fire occurred in  the home my daughter, son-in-law and 3 1/2 year old grandson were living in. They were able to escape, THANK YOU JESUS, without injury but they lost EVERYTHING in that fire. 9 months pregnant, in fact a week overdue, my daughter went into labor the next morning and we were so happy to welcome a brand new baby boy. So very, very thankful for their lives being spared and for the new life that joined our family that day.
Happy birthday Kristjian!

The countdown to THANKSGIVING continues...
what are YOU thankful for?

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