Wednesday, October 23, 2013

life is beautiful

ready to roll... California here we come!

A day and a half driving down, 
2 full days there 
and a day and half driving back home. 

picnic lunch in the car

2 motel stays,
countless poddy stops, 
3 nights in the vacation condo, 
breakfast and lunches with family,
a little downtime lounging by the pool and enjoying the sunshine!

forgot to pack a swimsuit but dangling my feet was almost as much fun.

visit to the nail salon, 
dinner with old friends, 
and of course, one magnificent wedding and reception. 

There was also a special component at breakfast one morning
 that featured color enhanced cupcakes to reveal the gender
of a baby-on-the-way !

it's gonna be a boy!!

mother of the bride and the bride getting pedi's

Sharon was my pastor for many years before she moved away.
She performed the wedding ceremony for Bruce and I!
 Her daughter Michele and I were housemates for a couple of years before I met Bruce.
It was really great to get together for dinner and catch up with each others lives. 

this is the unique and very fun program used for the wedding! 

filling in the crossword puzzle using these clues, informed us about the bridal party!

all the guests got one along with cute little souvenir pencils.
here my two niece-in-laws work their puzzles while waiting for the wedding to begin.  

followed by her supportive parents. 

mr and mrs newlywed!

Kimberly and Andy

my sister and her beautiful family
sunset along the freeway

 It was a whirlwind trip and the festivities were fun. 
The wedding was lovely; the bride even lovelier. 
Connecting with family, old friends and making new ones
 was all part of the plan and 
everyone came away full. 

at a rest stop in northern Calif. near the Klamath River. Autumn at it's finest. 

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