Monday, October 14, 2013

do you know the way to san jose?


I could have easily picked 'going to the chapel' as my title but since I'm not the one who's 'gonna get married' the San Jose reference was more fun. OK, technically, we are not going to San Jose, it's actually Santa Clara CA but the vacation condo rental where we'll be staying IS in San Jose and the wedding is taking place in Santa Clara, right on the border of SJ. The IMPORTANT thing here is that there is going to be a wedding and I get to go!

Yes, on Wednesday evening this week I will be climbing in the backseat of my sister and brother in law's Buick and riding with them to Santa Clara for the wedding of their baby girl. This baby girl has a special place in my heart and there is a very sweet little story I want to tell you.

When MY baby girl was about 8 months old, I paid a visit to my sister who was living in S. Ca. She had 3 children at the time. The oldest, Christy Lou, was almost 4 and the twin boys were about 2. A full house to say the least. However, my baby girl was pretty adorable (still is of course) and Christy Lou,was quite smitten with this sweet little baby. Apparently, so smitten that she decided she needed a baby sister. And was bold enough to PRAY FOR ONE one night at the dinner table. As the story goes her daddy's eyes flew open and looking upward, was heard to mutter "Lord, I've got seniority!"  We chuckle over the retelling of this story because it wasn't really too long after, that my sister announced there was a baby (girl) (KJ) on the way!

When KJ graduated from high school she came to Washington  and lived with us for a year. We loved having her here and it was hard saying goodbye when the time came to move back to S Ca. We have remained close and so it is with great joy that I will attend her wedding at the end of this week!

The only sad part of this is that my sweetie will not be traveling with us. We just can't swing a trip for the 2 of us right now. He pretty much insisted that I should go though and who was I to argue? ;)

Of course this ROAD TRIP gives my sister and I one more fun adventure to share. Not sure how my brother in law will cope with the two of us in the car but it will be lively I am sure. Stay tuned for updates and pictures!!

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