Friday, October 25, 2013

another reason to celebrate

DISCLAIMER: Yes, here I go being obnoxious and claiming bragging rights but come on, if you have ever gone on a diet you know what seriously hard work this is! And if you reach your goal, then there's the whole keeping it off thing; maintenance is a chore too!!

When I started getting serious about losing some of the extra weight I'd been packing for the last several years I had two goals; lose 20# and be able to wear my wedding dress again. 

wedding day 1996

When I reached the first goal I was only a little disappointed to discover that the second goal was just 
a wee bit out of reach. 

wedding day 1996

Because I wanted to be safely on that side of the magic number on my scale, I went for 5# more. The weight loss was a lot of hard work.(I think menopause has something to do with messing up our metabolisms. just saying!) Adding daily exercise, in my case, walking, really really made the difference. 

wedding day 1996. 

I am sorry I didn't do measurements before I began this new regime, although the amount of clothing I have hauled off to the consignment store has impressed me.  (now I just need those things to all SELL so I can do some SHOPPING!!!) 

wedding day 1996

Anyway, when I reached the 25# mark I tried the dress on again but there were certain areas that didn't quite come together-- pesky little buttons that wouldn't reach the button holes! 

in the interim I did manage to find a sweet 'little black dress' for my nieces wedding..... 


Today!! Today I tried the dress on again and IT FITS! 

I haven't lost any more weight but the walking is certainly toning my body and causing some shifting in certain places. Those buttons all match up to the holes and I am celebrating again! Whoot Whoot!!

I don't have those pointy little shoes anymore but I do still have my wedding bouquet-- silk flowers from Michaels are the way to go!

So, can you blame me for being a little hyped and celebrating? I have cooked up a marvelous (healthy) dinner but I plan to include a nice glass of wine and maybe even a little dessert.  I think I have earned it.

wedding day 1996 

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  1. aw, congratulations:) you look just as beautiful today as you did then.


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