Monday, September 2, 2013


we all have clutter. 
on our desk. 
in our closet.
 in our minds.

i am finding walking to be a great way to de-clutter.of letting go of the junk in my head 
and refreshing my mind with clear thoughts and healthy wonders. 

on a recent outing i walked this labyrinth. 

i have walked prayer labyrinths before
 and find them to be a great tool for contemplative prayer.
on this walk i was struck with the realization 
that it was a great way to release the clutter in my mind.

every time i have ever walked a prayer labyrinth it has been a refreshing time for me. 
I let go of the worries and cares that have been plaguing me
 in favor of really listening to what the Holy Spirit wants to say.

as i walked this day 
and looked out across the lines and circles that made up this labyrinth 
i thought about how clutter can be destructive. 
whether its in my mind or in my closet, it could benefit from some tidying up. 

some people hear the word "labyrinth"  and think
 'new age practices' or that it is a maze. 

When i walk a labyrinth i am using it as a prayer tool 
so i do not find it to be a new age 'woo-woo' thing, 
 but just a time to focus on listening to and hearing from my Jesus. 

because a labyrinth only has one way in--- no false leads, no dead ends,
 it is not a maze to get lost in. 
I liken this to finding our way to God-- 
there is only one way to God, through His son Jesus. 

as i walk in i am letting go of the clutter,
 confessing sins that need confessing, seeking Gods forgiveness 
and asking Him to meet me in my walk.

the center of the labyrinth is where i will rest awhile. 
i don't need to be in the center of the labyrinth to find Jesus, 
because He is with me all the time, 
but i do need to be in the center of His will to find purpose and peace 
and coming to the center of the prayer labyrinth helps me re-evaluate where i am. 
i can sit or stand, be silent or sing. 

when i feel my time there is done, i begin my journey back out, taking with me fresh insights.

i don't need a prayer labyrinth to be close to God
 but i think in the busyness of our lives, we all need some times of pausing.
 a deliberate, intentional time of resting in His presence. 
If a walk through an intricate pathway helps me do this, it is time well spent. 

i walk out humming and feeling lighter. 
not because the labyrinth has any special powers
 but like a drink of cool clean water on a hot day can refresh the weary body, 
time well spent with Jesus will refresh the heart mind and soul. 

i come out of the labyrinth refreshed. 

to this i would only add... 'and prayer'.


  1. I am someone who walk/hikes/runs when I need to feel especially close to God. This was a neat post--I've heard of these labyrinths, but have never seen one--thanks:).

  2. I really like this blog, Robyn! My initial reaction reading this wasn't necessarily one of the four options above, but I did feel motivated by reading this. I felt motivated because even though I already walk almost everyday when I'm at my Dad's and workout/play basketball daily at my Mom's to de-clutter my mind, reading this blog and one of your recent Facebook posts only motivates and inspires me to do even more. I think it's awesome how you don't allow the downpour of rain to stop you from walking a few miles everyday!

  3. Beautiful post!

    I've never heard of a prayer labyrinth before. What an interesting concept! I usually like to go for walks to declutter also. :)


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