Thursday, September 12, 2013

it's still summer!!!

my calendar still says it's summer.

I know the kids are all back in school and harvest is either over or almost over, and I know the nights are getting chilly and arriving sooner each evening, and morning dawns later and later and I know there are other signs that the next season is slowly coming... but folks, on my calendar? It's still summer!

It's still summer until the first day of fall in my book. And in my book, that day is officially September 22nd. So when I hear people comment about ohmygosh today is so warm and why did i already put the window ac back in storage and we must be having 'indian summer' and this is amazing weather we're having for fall... I just shake my head and sigh. Because it's still summer!!

I don't mean to sound all cranky and anal about things but it's this overall prematurity about a lot of life that irks me. We see it in the media and stores-- christmas stuff is already beginning to creep across the merchandise aisles for pete's sake! I love my seasons and I love the holidays, every last one of 'em but lets not rush things. Can't we enjoy each one until it's done, focusing on the matter at hand and relishing the blessings of it?

I hear this confusion about seasons not just in September but in February when people start lamenting what a cold wet spring we're having, forgetting that it's still officially winter. Spring hasn't sprung till Mid March but every year around the end of February when we get hit with some snow and ice, I hear it. The puzzlement in peoples voices as they exclaim over the strange cold snap we're having when it's supposed to be getting warm. It cracks me up!  I hear it in the early stages of June, when gardeners are itching to get out there in the soil, and the rain wont stop, asking why this summer is so slow in arriving. u-hum..... it's not summer till June 21st.

Lest you think I really am being cranky and anal about this, let me tell you that I think I understand it. At least the spring and summer part. here in the pacific northwest, we, who see so much rain, get a little crazy after months of endless non-sunny days, so we are clamoring for a change. I get it. I'm with ya.  We are a restless people. Impatient for the next thing.

Ah, this brings to mind this verse in the bible:
Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him. Psalm 37.7

I know all about struggling with patience and wanting the next thing but there are some things we just don't need to rush. Can we just cherish the moment, enjoy what we have, right here, right now? Be in the moment?

So, I'm not packing up my capris or my sleeveless tops just yet. I'm not gonna get out my autumn leaf tablecloth and I'm not buying any candy corn.  I'm not gonna order a pumpkin spice latte either. Nope. Not till the first day of fall. and you know why....

yup. because it's STILL SUMMER!!!

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  1. September 22 is my son's first birthday! :)

    I agree with you on this for the most part. I'm sorry, though...I'm one of the guilty early fall folks. It's my favorite. ;) I do get frustrated though when people rush through Halloween and Thanksgiving to get to Christmas.

    Great post! You are so right on this!


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