Wednesday, August 28, 2013

As August Comes to A Close....

Oh my word!! I have never let this much time go by between blog posts. I guess I took a vacation. Well, this is the month to do it in-- last chance before fall rolls around.

Truthfully, this month has been fun and full. A week long visit with our so-grown-up grandson-- (did this ol' gramma's heart good) two camping trips, and in between. many play dates with my sister (so good to have her 'home') And, to be honest, I think a break from the blog was needed. I was feeling kinda dry there. Not writers block but just feeling tired and in need of a respite.

So, what is ahead this fall? Oh, lots of great stuff! My big exciting thing is that I have taken on a new role in my church, that of small group coordinator for our campus. We are a big church with different locations and the location we attend has not been very focused on getting small groups activated. I aim to change that! Some of my friends are hiding now when they see me coming because they think I am going to ask them to step up and lead a small group. They might be right. ;)

I am pretty passionate about the small group concept. I believe small groups are the backbone of a healthy church. So much of my spiritual growth has come about in the small groups I've participated in. I have seen amazing things take place in other people lives as a result of their small group experience. I am excited and hopeful for my church family to get connected.

I am also pretty pumped up about my renewed walking habit. Since I left my job I have been feeling physically so much better. I don't hurt! And I have energy for other things. I have been committed to walking every day-- sometimes I even manage twice a day. I am averaging 3-4 miles a day and feeling great. I have also been really, really watching my calorie intake and it's paying off!! Whoot Whoot! I am just a few pounds away from reaching my goal and I am loving and laughing over how lose my clothes are fitting. I might have to go shopping for some new outfits pretty soon!!

I have been taking advantage of every sunshiny day and I know the extra Vitamin D is complimenting my anti depressants. I feel strong. I feel confident. I feel positive. Yes, I occasionally have a day where it's hard to get motivated and I still get some flashes of anger that border on irrational...but those are few and far between and flashes really are the right word for them as they dissipate so quickly I have to wonder if they really were there. So, all in all, I am feeling good. Really good.

So good in fact that I have been able to handle today with out any pity parties. 35 years ago today I became a mom for the first time. My son and I have not had any communication in over 3 years and I don't have any solutions for changing that at this time. I have to leave it all in God's hands and trust like the father of the prodigal son, that some day he will return to me and then I can run to meet him and celebrate his return in my life. I feel sad for this separation but I can't change it. It is what it is. Still.... I am sending happy birthday wishes out over the airwaves, hoping he will know somehow, some way, that I love him very much.

August is coming to a close... and , dare I say it.....?????
Autumn is just around the corner......

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  1. Welcome back! :)

    It sounds like our churches are similar. Please pray that at the upcoming small group party that we find a group. This has been our biggest obstacle. We love our church, but it is so hard to connect with people.


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