Friday, August 9, 2013

this week

This week I'm a grandma.

Not a blogger.
Not an unemployed woman of leisure.
Not a busy church volunteer.
Not random or worried or frazzled.
Just a grandma.

A grandma who sits and listens.
and listens... because this boy likes to talk!
A grandma who asks questions
and gets all kinds of very interesting answers.
maybe more than I wanted to know, because, this boy really, really likes to talk. (and he knows a lot about a lot of stuff!)
A grandma who gets to see the world through his eyes for a change.

examining a very cool pencil that looks like a tree branch

I'm a grandma who bakes muffins so he can lick the bowl and the beater.
I'm a grandma who snaps pictures while he's eating ice cream.
or napping.
or mowing the lawn.

willingly mowing the lawn. such a hard worker.

A grandma who loves seeing her grandson spending time with his grandpa.

learning about power tools.

This week I'm a grandma on a mission: To build  a ton of memories as we embark on new adventures together.

visiting at a friends house and getting to drive the 4 wheeler.

This week is about reconnecting. Showing him his family roots. Seeing family members who are part of his heritage. Pointing out history (that's the school I went to and so did your mom. there's the house your mom lived in as a child. this is where MY grandma lived!)

there is a picture of my dad standing in front of this tree-- before it was moved to this rest area. I have a picture of me in front of this tree too. 

This week will go much to quickly and it might be a whirlwind. Visiting people. Camping. Going to the Fair.
Those memory building adventures taking precedent over everything else.

Because this week.... I'm a grandma.

happy grandma. blessed grandma.


  1. Oh Robyn what a wonderful post :) Grandmother-ing is the best isn't it? I've been busy doing a lot of that myself of late so this post really touches my heart. And funny that I've been away from my blog for weeks and weeks doing the very same thing and this is the first post I've read.... Love it!!

  2. Looks like a wonderful visit! Especially love that last photo. :)


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