Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Quiet Place

We all need one. A place where we can go to be alone, to think and dream, to plan and pray. I am alone most of the day in my empty nest so you wouldn't think I'd need one spot to identify as my quiet place but I do. There is something about a little corner space that speaks safety and comfort. I love a corner booth in a restaurant, a chair against the wall in the coffee shop and a nook to curl up in in my home.

my quiet place

Our bedroom, when we first got married, sported an office for my husband which I longed to see moved to another area. Bedrooms just should not have an office in them. It's not conducive to things that bedrooms were designed for.  Right? I was therefore, very proactive about creating new office space elsewhere in the house in order that someday, that little corner alcove could be converted to something much more intimate and soothing.

Yes. My quiet space.

private retreat

When the day came, I was ready. I had already scored at the thrift store,  a double recliner loveseat. The fabric was wrong but nothing a pretty slipcover wouldn't cure. I painted the alcove a soothing celery green and added a pretty floral wallpaper border. We already had bookshelves loaded with goodies-- they just needed dusting, organizing and, yes, even some downsizing. To finish the decorating touches I hung garden scenery pictures on the walls at eye level from the couch view. The finished result is very much a feeling of retreat. A private garden. A quiet space.

the antique plate came from my mom, the bottom one my daughter made for me when she was in grade school!

the centerpiece was made by my talented sister

Because our bedroom is on the second floor and the alcove is on the backside of the house, my little corner really feels very much removed from the rest of the house. I can hear what is going on outside and below me but yet I feel safe and securely tucked away, hidden and protected. It's a very good feeling.

recently updated the bedcover and the slipcover!

I am spending a lot of time here these days as I allow my injured foot to heal. It's a cool place to abide on a warm summer's day. I recently updated the slipcover; it feels more like a little rose garden than ever before. It is soothing and with all the fractured feelings floating around inside me right now, it's the perfect antidote.

spending a lot of time here....

books, cell phone, laptop, all at my fingertips, what more do I need? 
now, if I could just replace this carpeting.....


  1. I love this little spot. I would have a hard time getting anything done...I would be there with ya! Books, laptop and phone, maybe a cup of tea or coffee and I would never leave! :)

  2. What a cozy spot! I need one of those:).

  3. You are right. We all need a quiet place.


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