Friday, April 12, 2013

Not Enough Chocolate

Goodbyes are just so hard. 

Yesterday was good in that we finished all the things on the list, go all his things packed and had time together for a walk, some great heart-to-heart conversation and prayer. 

Then it was off to meet the bus. We hooked up with one of the members of his little team at Wood's Coffee, next door to the bus stop. 

The time both seemed to drag out and fly by! I was glad we'd had our private good byes at home because when the bus is there and it's time to load suitcases and get going, there is only the hurried hug and kiss in front of strangers to sustain you and that is hard. I honestly do not know how military spouses endure this.  I got a text from him later that night as he was at his gate and then this morning from Houston just before he boarded for that flight. 

On my way home the check engine light came on on my car and I have no idea why but it's probably a loose gas cap, and then the cat brought in some ginormous moth and turned it loose in the living room and I had to catch it and put it out. I had already indulged a very large chocolate bar on my drive home...


funny how crying can exhaust you.. I didn't think I'd sleep but I did. waking up was very difficult this morning. I think I'm on auto-pilot right now. Taking Mom to the Skin clinic this afternoon to have her stitches removed and hear about follow up on the lab results. With the invitation to hot tub after with my brother and sister-in-law, I might just get through this first day OKAY. 

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  1. Praying for you guys!

    That chocolate bar looks delicious! ;)


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