Wednesday, April 10, 2013

One More Day... One More Week...

I loved the roller coaster at the fair. Not so much loving the ride my emotions are taking as one more sleep brings a good bye. I find myself fighting the tears as another wave of anxiety and fear rises, I bite back words of snarkiness and push down feelings of resentment. I surrender it constantly in prayer and the peace that comes is fleeting but I press in to Jesus even more because I know He is here with me. I know He is walking with Bruce too, as he scrambles to finish his lists, to make sure that things will not unwind and unravel during his absence. He has a lot on his shoulders, both as trip leader and organizer, and as a working man and husband. So many responsibilities to manage.

Yesterday we knocked a considerable chunk off the list as we navigated the stores in search of supplies he still needed. But at one point, I reached my limit as hunger and weariness got the best of me. Bruce knows me well enough to recognize that if he didn't get some food in me real quick he'd lose his personal shopper so he turned the car and headed to Panda Express for some fast, good food!

~songbyrd is full~

Once my taste buds had been satiated and my tummy was pleasingly plump, I slumped back in my chair in a MSG coma and sighed. Loudly. Bruce reached over and squeezed my hand and those blue eyes I love so much twinkled. When I'm happy, he's happy.

That happiness factor is one of the reasons he is so excited for me to have sister-time. One more day till he leaves and just one more week till my sister arrives. Oh my, our calendar has filled up quickly with things we  want to do. Make jam, drive some country roads, see family and friends, visit old stomping grounds, shopping and tulip fields are on the list. And mixed in with all of that is hopefully making some progress at Mom's place with packing and downsizing as we prepare for her move in the very, very near future. Yes, it's going to be a very full week!

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  1. Oh I'm sorry sweetie. I know you'll miss and worry about him when he's gone. Such a conflict for you i know knowing since he's doing such good work but you worry about the separation and his being safe. Prayers and hugs for you. And prayers that your husband will do Gods work with all His love and protection.


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