Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How Beautiful Are the Feet in Honduras

how beautiful are the feet standing in the church in Tegucigalpa Honduras 

An email from Bruce with pictures!!!

Good Morning to my family and extended family from Tegucigalpa,Honduras !

            For the last four mornings in a row I have had the pleasure of waking up just before the 5:30 alarm clock thanks to the local tropical birds that live in the trees just outside the bedroom window. At the same time every morning they begin their loud exotic calls to one another and remind me that I am not in Deming, Washington anymore! 

digging the footing trench, Honduran style

            After months of anticipation, it is somewhat surreal to finally be on this journey. Being builders of like mind, Dewey, Bill, Chris and I have been looking forward to the church construction project ahead of us. We did what remote planning we could with full expectation that what seems good to us may not fly in Honduras. And, sure enough, shortly after we landed we 4-wheeled up to the church and put a significant Latin American spin on our building plans. And that’s O.K. Why?

Harrison, one of the men in the construction apprenticeship/mentoring program, cutting rebar (rumor has it he also cuts hair and plans to give Mr. Bruce a good haircut while he's there!)  

            Because what really matters about our presence here is that we will be encouragers to the people we meet and work with. It really isn't about how much concrete we pour. Perhaps you are thinking; “ Wouldn't just sending money be enough encouragement ?”  Or ; “what kind of encouragers can some regular guys from NW Washington be to people who live on the edge in the murder capital of the world?”  We have already experienced moments where God is answering these questions and am looking forward to sharing these with you asap.

            However, right now, we are heading out the door for another day of stretching experiences in the 100 degree heat. . I will try to write again this evening.. Thank-you God for Honduran coffee to help keep me moving !

Thank-you for your prayers,

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  1. I know you were so happy to get an email. Great update!


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