Thursday, April 18, 2013

In Between Posts from Honduras...

there is exciting and fun stuff happening on the home front. YES, sister-time is officially underway!!

It's been just a little over 24 hours since I picked up my sister (older by 5 years) at the airport and started making new memories.

We love to joke, sing, walk, shop, talk and laugh. Sometimes all at the same time and it's one of the few coordinated things we can manage to pull off.

We've gone out for dinner,
 taken a walk,
climbed a mountain,

toured my workplace,
made jam,

gone shopping,
swapped wardrobes,
gone for coffee
and oh, more shopping!

In between our gab sessions I've been getting a few short emails from my hubby and he has gotten pulled under by overexposure to a combination of heat, hard work and different food. He was taking today to recover and hopefully replenish and rehydrate his exhausted system! He was hoping to use today's downtime to write a more lengthy post on what he's been up to and I am eager to hear more. So far our communication has been fraught with technical difficulties and lack of quality time. It has left me feeling frustrated and longing for more.  It's been just one week since he left... and I have plenty to keep me busy and occupied for the week to come, which I am so thankful for! But this being apart just aint easy and there's no denying that. I must remember the verse that the Holy Spirit whispered to me on Easter... "for the joy set before me, I endured the cross..." It gives me strength to face another day. Oh, yes, indeed.

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