Sunday, April 14, 2013

Email from Honduras

My first email from Bruce came! I am sharing some of it below but quickly let me say he can specifically use prayer for a couple of things. 
  • Technology Challenges: the laptop he took with him is having little fits and he has not been able to successfully hook up to the internet at the Mattsons. He was using Alexandra's to write which is OK. but it would be nice to have his own independent access for the duration of this trip.
  • Physical Challenges: the heat. Both he and Dewey were overwhelmed with the 90 plus degree weather and there is a lot of physical work to be done. 
  • Spiritual Challenges: Bruce will be 'preaching' Sunday evening at church-- or as Terry (Mateo) calls it an 'inspirational chat", so prayer for him to truly be blessed with inspiring words. 

Here is an excerpt from Bruce's email...

One full work day into this adventure and it has been full in a number of other ways. Especially the great group of men we have met and are working with:

1.) They are not afraid of hard work  

2.) They are not afraid of being a Christian.

We have changed the building plan to building a perimeter block wall 8' high rather than pouring concrete pillars. In spite of the 91 degree temperature today, about half of the footing trench was dug and the footing rebar units were tied together. We will be working tomorrow right up to 4 o'clock church. Not sure if we'll actually mix any mud but we should be ready to by then.

Unfortunately Mateo's new rig overheated on the way to the job and back so tomorrow could be interesting figuring out how we will get up there. Some prayer here would be helpful. Mateo is also sticking to his guns about me preaching at tomorrow night’s service. Some prayer for me --and the people-- would be good here.

Even the locals are saying it's too hot for them so we don't feel so bad about wimping out. By 2 o'clock today Dewey and I pretty much sat in the shade while the others swung their picks and pulled out big rocks.

It has been very nice staying with the Mattsons. They have plenty of room, it’s very clean, and the shower never runs out of hot water. We are having some kind of tofu casserole tonight. I hope it is as good as the eggplant we had last night!

I will take this moment to say that working at the church and meeting our co-workers there has been such a perfect example of how Christian effort bears fruit. First Alvin (Alvin Anderson, founder of Manos Extendidas, a local ministry in Tegucigalpa)   connected with the church and established a feeding center there. Later (now) some of those children who were fed by the feeding center are now old enough to be helping with the construction project. Then along comes Mateo and with God's guidance has chosen out of this congregation particular men to mentor into leaders. And these men will likely go out to be pastors and Christ-led fathers who will in turn affect more for Christ. It is a sweet thing to be able to see this with our own eyes. I see the beginnings of these steps happening in Kendall (North County Christ the King church/our home church). God is so good!

This is shaping up to be a real life shaping experience. 


Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your continued prayers for all their needs.

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