Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Time Has Come

The time has come...
to move my mom to assisted living. I've begun the process of looking into what is available, what she qualifies for and how the whole thing works. And... I've broken the news to her, in bits and pieces. So far she's rolling with it.

There are not a lot of options for her considering her financial status but thankfully the ones I have checked into are very decent. I toured one that I think is going to be our best fit and have plans to take Mom to see it next week.

In Mom's own words she knows she's "slowed down a bit" and has wondered if she should be living somewhere else. She doesn't want to bother with meal preparations anymore and prefers to just reheat things in the microwave. Cleaning the house and even small chores become laborious when she's unsteady on her feet. I worry about her balance and her short term memory-- will she fall again? Will she remember to take her pills?

Her little apartment at my brothers is adorable and had sure been a god-send. Moving will be an adjustment. I am hopeful that the stimulation from many 'neighbors' and planned activities that the facility offers will help Mom enjoy the time she has left. I remember when my grandma, my mom's mom, was moved from her little apartment to the nursing home and how tough that was on both grandma and my mom and her sisters. On all of us really. I am hoping that the move to an assisted living facility will be better received. Shoot, if I could find a place that would cook all my meals, do my laundry and clean my room, drive me to the doctor and the store, and offer me daily activities, and still allow me the freedom to come and go as I pleased,  I'd be all over it!


  1. I hear ya Robyn, we are in the same process right now. I'm thankful that my Mom welcomes it. She doesn't cook anymore either and only uses the microwave. Poor nutrition and dehydration is how she ended up in the hospital. We are now taking more part in her daily life. I think assisted living is great too and i would certainly like it i would think. My Mom needs more activities..she's too bored. Is your Mom going to stay in Bellingham area? Of course my Mom would like to stay in Lynden.

  2. Oh, I hope you find the right fit and that she adjusts easily! I wish we could talk my MIL into something like this, she is the prime candidate for it although she doesn't think she is 'yet'. sigh. Good luck sweetie with your mom and all it entails.

  3. We're going through the same thing but Mom welcomes it. She's been wondering for a while how long she can live alone. She is aware of her memory loss. She doesn't cook anymore either and only microwaves. Dehydration and poor nutrition is how she ended up in the hospital. We're taking a more active role in her daily living now. Is your Mom staying in the Bellingham area? I hope transition goes smooth for all of you. Blessings.

  4. Lovely post! She may really enjoy it Robyn. She might find a whole community of friends there but I'm sure it will be a pretty big adjustment! We went through all this with my father. He had his own apartment, then lived with my husband and I for a while but was way too hard, we had only been married 3 months and he wa really sick. Anyhow I've been through the process, it can be difficuilt a first but I think better in the long run! Thank you for all your lovely comments on my blog and all your support. I greatly appreciate it and you:)


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