Sunday, January 13, 2013

a post in which i mostly ramble...

how was the weekend.....??

Friday evening was the official beginning of our weekend and it was ~DATE NIGHT~ in our little world!! Love those times when hubby and I can escape even for just a couple of hours, grab a cup of special coffee and cozy up at a table in a corner of a great little coffee house and just TALK.

We are still processing things related to the mission trip and getting back into the groove of work. It's been good though. We also recently started up with our small group and it was awesome to reconnect with these special group of people. Verrrry Excited about our upcoming 6 week study. it's from Family Life Today and the study is called "Growing Together in Christ". We are planning as a small group to turn around and offer this study to other couples in our church and community. Again, VERY excited about the prospect!!

Even though I work Sat. mornings and hubby races off to his men's breakfast/bible study, the rest of my Saturday did feel like a weekend. I cozied up with books and a blanket for most of the afternoon, breaking up part of the day with a little cookie baking frenzy. Chocolate Chip Cookies, the best kind. We'll see if they last long enough to go into the carpenters lunches though!!

We slept in this morning, a rare thing, and then while praise music played softly in the background, we sat in companionably silence and worked on our small group study book assignments. Between laundry and spot cleaning, I have spent most of the afternoon in the kitchen prepping food for the week. I love to cook up a huge pot of rice because we eat a lot of it and it's great to just have it on hand to stir in to other things. I also baked up 2 dozen potatoes and when they cooled, I diced them and put into freezer bags. We had this ginormous bag of bakers sitting in the garage and too often those taters start growing arms and legs and threaten to take over the garage so I didn't want to let them go to waste. Having them pre-baked makes it super easy to fix hash browns for breakfast--something we both love. Lastly I put on a pot of black beans to soak and simmer. Not sure what I will do with the beans but they'll end up in something in the next day or two-- chicken tortilla soup maybe.

Just sitting here now, I am enjoying the aroma of the simmering beans and I know when I go to stir them again I will find them soft and beginning to split as they become more and more tender. I like to think I am like a little black bean as I soak in the music that still plays on the stereo and meditate on God's Words for me today. Getting softer and more pliable... taking on the flavors of Christ... allowing His love to wash over me, heal me, and strengthen me.

Happy Weekend~~ Here's to a Marvelous Monday!

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  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend. And yes, here's to a good Monday!!!


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