Sunday, January 20, 2013

When We Shift Our Focus

practicing an attitude of gratitude in a world of practiced self-entitlement

if a person were to be consistent in spending time praising God, how would that affect the way that person looks at problems 
she is facing? 

When I cannot see the forest for the trees, when the road I'm walking is so foggy I can't see more than one step at a time, when life circumstances knock me to my knees, I want to lift my eyes to the hills, and ask, from where does my help come from? And answer with certainty and resolute hope, "My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth!"

This past week has had the usual challenges and trials. Trying to pay bills from last month with this months paycheck, stretching that mighty dollar once again. Watching the gas gauge flicker on empty and still coaxing one more trip into town. Talking with Mom about the impending move. Working. Feeding my family and keeping up with the house keeping. Nursing my hubby who is once again being pulled under by a nasty head cold. Feeling the distance and separation in stronger waves as I learn my son-in-law has broken his foot and knowing the hardship this puts on their family. Feeling tired. Stressed. Near burn out. Fighting tears and cranky spells (and losing) I have found something that works better than sleep, better than chocolate and better than retail therapy. 

What is IT????


I crank UP the praise music. 
I dig out my bible and read from the Psalms >ALOUD<  
I LOOK, really look at creation and all the glorious splendor our loving and mighty God gave us to enjoy. 

And I am instantly transported to a place of peace, joy and hope. I gain strength in a way that I cannot truly describe. I feel hope in the face of despair. I start praising God and thanking Him for all I DO have. It turns everything around. 

I see things in a fresh new perspective. Those bills I was worried about have all gotten a portion of our paychecks. We slid through another month with the power and phone intact. Those numerous trips to town yielded great results and good gas mileage! Mom took the news about moving with grace. I am thankful for my job and getting up early every morning is good discipline and I have time  carved out for reading my bible. The life group bible study my husband and I are leading is encouraging us to have weekly dates and pray together. We have cold medicine stashed in the cupboard and a weekend for him to sleep, rest and recuperate. We have skype to stay connected with family and friends far away. We have stress-busting worship time with our church family and smiles and hugs from them also. 
I am blessed. 
I am so very very blessed. 
I am grateful. I am thankful. I am satisfied. 
I have joy. 

I lift my eyes to the hills.Where does my help come from? 
My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth! 
Psalm 121.

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  1. I often tell people to put on praise music when they are feeling down/low. It is uplifting to sing praise to God no matter what we are dealing with. We are incredibly blessed indeed, even when we think we don't have much, but it is usually because we are thinking of the physical rather than thinking of the eternal and when we think of the eternal, we truly have so many riches and blessings!

    (Funny about the book Not a Fan. I hadn't heard of it until this morning at church when the pastor was talking about it in relation to his message about engaging with Jesus; now I'll have to definitely check the book out; thanks for the confirmation :)



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