Saturday, November 10, 2012

Praising God!

Happy to report with good news!! A job prospect for my husband -- one that has been in the work for MONTHS-- is coming to fruition!!

As you may know, my husband is in construction. He designs, builds, supervises and manages the building of homes. It's been his livelihood for almost his entire adult life. We've had good times in the boom years, lean times in the downturns and times he has wondered what else he could do that he would love as much as building. He is quick to credit God with gifting him with a love for construction-- a trade he actually stumbled into by accident-- and quickly realized he was both good at and loved. He's been self employed for  90% of his career

He recently finished up a very nice ADU (accessory dwelling unit- or the mother-in-law apartment as it is sometimes called) and it was a pleasant 4-5 months of work, with the end result, predictably, the cutest little house on a sweet little hill. and then, with the work done, the question was, What Next?

the "Hut" as the owners call it. It's their weekend get- away home.

I mentioned in prior posts that the last month was sprinkled with some short work orders.... a day or two here, a day or two there. We needed something more steady that that to sustain us. Our hope was pinned on a lengthy ongoing conversation with another couple who wanted a similarly designed small home... and after much thinking, planning, discussing and waiting, the couple has decided to go forward with the project! Work will start immediately with the designing of the home and ground breaking is hopefully set to begin the first part of December. Yay!!

So thankful for friends and family who pray for us, offer words of encouragement, provide blessings in unexpected ways and most of all thankful to our Ever Faithful Lord and King, Jesus Christ.... His mercies endure forever and His Faithfulness reaches to the heavens!


  1. Our God is an awesome God! So happy to hear this happy news.

  2. Yes we have an awesome God! This is happy news because God always gives us things to look forward to because that's who he is and how how provides.

  3. A day of celebration with our loving Jesus Christ. I am clapping my hands! Shouting Hallelujah with Joy for this great adventure.

  4. Gives my goosebumps to read this! So excited and so thankful to God for this blessing of the construction project for your husband. I knew God would provide, just didn't know what it would be and when it would be, but I did know he would provide. Good reminder for me too that he will provide for us too! Again, how so very exciting and thank you Lord!


  5. What good news Robyn. I'm so happy that your prayers have been answered. God is good.


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