Wednesday, November 28, 2012

OH! My Aching...


How about all of the above?

While the brain is slowly taking in all there is to learn about receiving, sorting and delivering the mail, my body has already exceeded its goal in making every part of me question the sanity of taking on this job. I absolutely need new shoes, of this there is no doubt. I don't scrimp when it comes to good foot wear and I have some name brand shoes in my small collection, because of prior problems with Plantar Fasciitis. However it's been a  l-o-n-g time since those were purchased and a lot of mileage has accumulated on the treads. New shoes require a paycheck though and it will be awhile before that first paycheck arrives. Plus the fact that Bruce and I are scrambling to raise the rest of the money we need for our mission trip (about $1000 --- and we leave in a little over 2 weeks!) and with all the other fun little surprise expenses that have come our way... well.... you get the picture!

But despite the aches and pains and deer-in-the-headlight looks on my face from time to time, things are starting to gel. YAY! I am blessed to be working with some nice co-workers and the work itself isn't so demanding that there isn't time to occasionally chat and get to know one another a bit better. Plus, as I find myself getting more and more into the grove when it comes to sorting the mail for the postal boxes, I have been able to PRAY OVER THE MAIL.

Bruce and I, along with friends from church have often gone up on the mountain that overlooks our town to pray for our community.  these were taken earlier this year -- a  great hike with great view of our little town. 

Having lived in my community now for 16 plus years, and with the added bonus of having driven school bus for the local school district and all my connections because of my prior ownership of Curves, I recognize many of the names of the box renters. And it's a privilege to offer up a prayer for those folks as I tuck another letter in their box. Even the people I don't know are going to get prayers. Ha ha! I'm not saying this to brag on myself, oh no! I just am tickled that my job does still give me a way to do ministry! And, you know what my biggest prayer is???

A REVIVAL!!!! Yes, I am praying for a revival for this area. For people to feel the tug of the Holy Spirit on their lives and to turn their hearts towards Heaven and fall in love with Jesus.

I'm also praying for my body to hold up. Now, where's my heating pad?


  1. How neat to pray over the mail! Honestly, I never thought of that in the work I do (medical transcription; typing up reports after the doctor sees a patient). I should start thinking about doing this......

    I'm with you about having good foot wear. I grew up poor, my mom was widowed when I was 18 months old, my brother 3, my sister 5, and she raised the three of us alone, never got remarried. We didn't have much but one thing she made sure we had was good quality shoes. Might only have one pair of them, but they were sturdy ones. Now I can't wear cheap shoes as a result, but I think my feet are a lot happier.

    I'm sure before long you'll be a pro at what you do and better conditioned as you continue to stretch those muscles and get in shape!


    1. Thanks Betty, your comments are always so encouraging. :)

  2. What a wonderful idea! I know you are a blessing to your co-workers and community. :)

    If you get the chance, stop by my blog. I'm hosting giveaway, I think you might enjoy. :)

  3. Wow.....gorgeous photos Robyn:) I'm sorry your not feeling perfect. I totally feelyou on that one. My hips always ache and go numb when I'm preggers. It's terrible!


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