Monday, November 26, 2012

Holy? Blameless?

My first day at work is behind me. I am enjoying the warmth of my heating pad against my aching back and the crackling fire. I'm exhausted from head to toe! I woke up at 3:45 to go to the bathroom and never went back to sleep!!! I laid there all snugly warm under the thick layer of blankets and tried REALLY HARD to go back to sleep but trying doesn't make it so!!! So I was almost relieved when the alarm went off at 5.

The BIG thoughts on my mind today however have little to do with the new job. In my morning bible reading, what jumped out at me from the good book of Colossians was the reminder that because of what Jesus did for me at Calvary, I now stand HOLY AND BLAMELESS, WITHOUT FAULT, BEFORE GOD.

You know just the fact that I can come into HIS presence should be enough to hold me in awe but when I think (and cringe) over some of the things I have done in my life... (even in the last 24 hours) my feelings of awe go even deeper.

God sees me as Holy.

God sees me as blameless.

God sees me without fault.

think about what each of those things mean for a moment.


I count myself as so deeply blessed because I am married to a man who seems to either have a very short memory or he is just the most forgiving man on the planet; he exemplifies love, as Christ loves, every day to me in the way he holds no record of my wrongs. This man has shown me daily what and how to love like Christ truly means. Yet my husband is not perfect (sorry honey) and as much as he loves me and shows Christ's love to me, it is still a pale comparison to the Love of God.

So, how much more does God love me? How much more does He forgive? I know how I feel knowing my husbands love.... to reflect on Christs love is very hard to actually take in....It's a powerful thing to think on and this is what is knocking around inside of me this day.

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  1. I'm sure in time you'll get used to the physical stuff with the work and your muscles will adapt so you will be less sore and tired after the end of the day. It is humbling to realize we are blameless in God's eyes because of Jesus and his blood. I know it blows my mind when I think about that because I know there are so many days I act nothing like blameless or holy indeed.



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