Saturday, November 3, 2012

Date Night

We don't get to go on very many 'real' dates. Either we don't have the funds for it or hubby is working hard and working late and we don't have time for it. We make 'dates' out of the mundane; those trips to the dump,  the hardware store, or whatever errand running we've got on the list. So when we are able to separate the 'things to do' from just relaxing and being a couple in love, oh what a joy!

Last night was one of those rare occasions. Made even rarer since it was A. not an anniversary or a birthday. B. A dark and rainy Friday night and C. hubby got home LATE and I was sure the last thing he would want to do after working hard all day (all week) with a meeting almost every night this past week, would be to turn around and go to town for a cup of coffee and a heart talk.

So kudos to my man for sucking it up and insisting we were still going out. We spent a cozy couple of hours nestled in a buttery leather couch, with our drinks (velvety smooth London Fog for me, kickbutt chocolate Mudslide for him) and without any interruptions, except people watching, we got caught up with one another.

It's been an intense week and I hope to be able to write about it in a few days in a way that helps others, but for now, let's just say that there was a lot of hurt going on in the hearts of many people we care deeply about and it burdened us greatly. There was much prayer and mini conversations happening which was a good thing and while it has not been totally resolved, there have been forward steps taken and the seeds for reconciliation planted. It was good to be able to sit together and reflect over the events of the week the way we did last night. It was a great little date with my honey.

Today, Saturday, is my sister Anita's birthday. She is 5 years older than me and is my closest friend after my husband. we are separated by the miles (she lives in S. CA) but thankfully we have email, facebook, skype and the blogworld to stay connected. Oh, and phones. LOL. Yesterday I called her and told her I thought I'd use an old fashioned device to update her on some things. funny how easy texting and email and instant messaging has replaced those face to face or ear to ear conversations!

Anyway, in honor of my sister's birthday, she is throwing a party over on her blog AniLouMinary. You are invited to drop in and enjoy a slice of joy with her. (You can wear a party hat if you like but it's not required.)

One last thing.... it's time to FALL BACK tonight. Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Seems like a nice way to end the week sharing time with your hubby catching up on things, it also does seem like it was a very intense week; hope things do work out for those that need things to work out!! How neat too to have that close of a relationship with your sister! Happy birthday to her!


  2. From buttery leather couches for date night to planting reconciliation seeds to the invitation to folks to come over to AniLouMinary at my little corner for a slice of joy--love it all. Thank you, dear sister. Love you muchly! And remember, the five years difference in our age is only math and we don't do math anymore! LOL! :)


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