Saturday, September 8, 2012

Weekend Happy

Saturday evening, the cool of the day.... just finished supper on the back deck, sipping our iced tea and chatting cozily about our day today and what we have planned for tomorrow....

Today was the memorial service for my Uncle Jack. It was a fitting tribute to a godly, faithful gentleman. It is a sad time for many even as we DO rejoice in knowing Jack is in Heaven with the King of kings!

It was lovely to visit with family after the service. So many of my cousins whom I really only 'see' on facebook anymore! One of my aunties and I hugged hello as she sadly commented that this seems to be the only time she ever sees me anymore... at memorial services. This is true and I think I need to be proactive about changing that! Another cousin commented that we should have a family reunion. Well, I like that idea. Time with family is important!

As hubby and I sat out on the deck this evening we talked about our families... how he has cousins but has really no idea where. He had some leads and wants to pursue them. Connections that were lost, he wants to get them back. Yes, family is important!

We talked about how a lot of my connections were broken during my first marriage so it means a lot to me to be able to spend anytime with my cousins, even when it feels awkward because of how much time has gone by.  Rebuilding those relationships are important!

Tomorrow we are taking some family time as we get whisked away on an overnight island adventure with Bruce's brother and sister in law. We are leaving early Sunday morning and just going for one night but we are so excited about it!! The weather will be lovely and this time away will be so refreshing. Stay tuned for pictures!!

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  1. You are so right, family and relationships are so important.

    Hope you enjoyed your island adventure! :)


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