Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Oh, Orcas, You Had Me at Hello

the islands beckon.... 

it's after glow time.... time for reflecting on our precious time away.

it's really nice having a family member with a plane. 
really nice to have invitations issued to 
come join them in the islands for a little get away!

flying out of Bellingham in brother Clint's Cessna.... 
leaving dark gray skies with threatening raindrops behind, 
flying into a little slice of  blue heaven.

meeting sister in law Jan's family-- 
she has so many sisters I still can't keep them straight! 
plus....  husbands, some children and a couple of dogs. 
They had rented 3 cabins for the week and 
everyone was migrating and mingling between the three. 

walking on the beach...  
river otters. kingfishers. kelp. boats. sea shells.

dinner in town, facing the eastsound bay. 
flat iron steaks, garlic mashed potatoes, comfort food. 
laughter & conversation.

campfire on the beach, guitar playing & singing. 
who cares if some rain sprinkled?
sleeping in a warm bed, deep under the covers. 
fresh salt air.

coffee on the beach watching the sun come alive. breakfast together....

driving around the island, enjoying the views, 
stopping for lunch in Olga, sweet little art gallery and cafe, 
an even sweeter little gift from hubby.... 
love you to the moon and back....

flying back home, reluctant to leave...cherishing the time together....

until next time, Orcas Island.

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