Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Simple Country Road

I've been spending a considerable amount of time over at my other blog these last several days. I made an interesting discovery... I think when I wrote "Broken Places" I did it on auto-pilot... sort of a self defense mechanism. Now, doing the edits and letting the story be viewed in a public setting, I am awash with emotions. Letting myself really feel what Gracie, my main character feels. Revisiting those places of hurt. I keep saying that Broken Places is NOT my bio but it certainly comes from a place of authenticity. There is a little bit of me in each of those chapters. And while I have come SO far in the healing and being made whole, it does take a lot out of a person to go traipsing back into the past. No wonder I have been so exhausted and fighting flu-like symptoms.

Yet it's a story worth telling because of the redemption factor. If just one person reads this and finds the courage to leave an abusive situation... if just one person reads this and finds healing and hope... if just one person reads this and meets Jesus..... than it is all worth it.

The other day I took a pleasant stroll down a quiet country road. It was a gloriously sunny day with fresh breezes and not a soul in sight. the lighting was fantastic and the walk was refreshing.

In some ways the walk was much like the rewrite I am doing on the novel. 

Walking a road I've been down before but never by foot. Seeing things I've seen before but from a very different angle. Having time to stop and really look. Seeing God's hand in all that is around me... His perfect creation, even as our sinful nature corrupts it. It was a simple walk but I came back refreshed.

Time with my God does that. 

and I got to see a moo-cow to boot!!

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