Monday, September 3, 2012

So, it's September...

My favorite month.

I truly do love Autumn but I love the approach of it just a wee bit more... these awesome sunny days that we treasure because we know the rain is coming.... warm days alternating with cool- even cold-- nights! I need to put the extra blanket back on the bed.

and did you see that MOON this weekend??? It was a Blue Moon but I was calling it a Harvest Moon because there was such a nip in the air.

School is starting and because we live right next door to the school, I delight in hearing the school bell and the buses and the voices of kids as they travel across the campus. Our backyard looks right into the football/track field. Last Friday night was the first game of the season. Perhaps it was a Pre-Game since school had not officially started yet. I could smell the popcorn from the concession stand and the lights of the football field make my bedroom glow. The excited chatter of the people in attendance and the MC over the speaker all make me feel contented inside knowing it's starting again.

I moved my peppers into the greenhouse this weekend because I am afraid the colder nights will damage them and this is the first year we've been successful in growing peppers and I really really want to eat one! My tomatoes were put in the garden and I have green promises on the vine and hubby said he'd build a protective wrap around them so they will still have time to ripen.

Suddenly things feel rushed. We wait all summer for it to really feel like summer, here in the Pacific NorthWest... and then so suddenly it's almost fall and there remain many things undone! I want to pick blackberries, we didn't go on one single camping trip and work has taken Bruce away even on weekends.

We have a sweet little get away planned for next weekend. Bruce's brother and sister in law, along with several of her extended family, rented cabins on Orcas Island for a week and invited us to come be a part of the family fun. We are going over for a Sunday-Monday as that is really all we can squeeze out right now. But we will make the most of it!

I suspect this might be my last week of 'vacation' as it is rumored that my new job will demand my presence with in the next 10 days. Today I will enjoy this official holiday, Labor Day, with a late breakfast on the deck, fresh sheets on the bed and a walk around the school track (last one I might get to take since school begins tomorrow). Yesterday was a bad day; woke up feeling like someone poured cement in all my joints and then the IBS kicked in... then I chipped off a tooth while enjoying BBQ ribs.... so I am grateful and pleased that this morning I feel almost back to normal. I want to run a few errands and check on those blackberry bushes down behind the bus garage. I want to soak up the sunshine and read a good book. I plan to work over some more chapters from Broken Places over for the This Robyn's Nest. But most of all, I plan to appreciate everything about this day.


  1. OOOH.. you made my heart sing!! It is almost fall! I love that you can see the football field from your house. That's soooo Americana.

  2. Fall is my favorite as well! :) I hate that I missed the blue moon, I found out about it after the fact. :/

    Glad you are feeling better, hope you have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend! ;)


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