Thursday, August 30, 2012


Uncle Jack went home this morning.

He was married to my aunt for only a few years. In fact, we share a wedding anniversary date. They had known each other a long time-- friends while each married to their first spouse. It seems very strange that just last summer, he was seeing the doctors and going through round after round of testing to determine the cause of pain in his jaw. When they found the cancerous tumors in his sinus cavity, the treatments began but it wasn't enough.

He was a godly man and the exchanges I had with him over the years were pleasant, uplifting and affirming. He is home now with Jesus, free from pain, reunited with family and friends who'd gone on before.

My aunt, whom my sister and I fondly refer to as 'our marrying aunt' is no stranger to death. She has buried 2 husbands before this, and a son. Being no stranger does not make this any easier. I grieve for her as well.


  1. Well put, dear sister. Hubby (who has known our aunt from before he & I met) & I are echoing grief for our auntie's loss here too.

  2. So sorry for your loss.

    Tomorrow marks 1 month since my great-grandfather passed away. It is so hard to believe. I know tomorrow will be tough for my great-grandmother.

    They same time heals all wounds, but I think with loved ones, there is always a spot in your heart for them.


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