Friday, June 1, 2012

A Weekend and A Day

Monday is coming.... will I be ready?

there are so many little things to attend to.... pre-packing to make sure we have all the things we need... letting go of worries over things we don't have. finding a carry on bag to replace the carry on that i discovered measures 2 inches too tall!! laundry, hold the mail, work issues, return phone calls, pay bills, color my hair, tidy the house, meet with pet-sitter, pack!

They are all small things but important things nonetheless. the really really important thing is that we are going. Going to see my babies and love~love~love on them!! going to meet new babies (OK, maybe not babies but little boys) to love on as well.
this weekend won't pass quickly enough ~~ or will it?

Top L-R: Zac~Connor~Faith
 Bottom L-R: Kristjian, James & Carissa, Aiden

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