Saturday, June 2, 2012

the part I dread the most

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in a carry on. 
which means at most 5-6 days worth. 
keep it simple, I tell myself. 
mix and match. what is lightest, coolest, loosest fitting. 
trouble is there is always one more....
one more top just in case. one more skirt.... 
what about a top to wear over the top? 
Aaaggghhhh!! LOL. it is always this way when it comes to packing. 

the good thing about where we are going is there is very little chance of cooler weather.... meaning no need for the extra top over a top. the bad thing abut where we are going is there is very little chance of cooler weather.... meaning, are the things I have going to be light weight enough to keep me from feeling sticky and icky? 

Oh, my, what a dilemma. 
what a delightful, wonderful dilemma! 

I have not been sleeping too well the last couple of nights. Too much on my mind I guess. Short nights, early mornings, long days and hustle bustle all week long. I am afraid I will get sick just as we leave. Airborne!! Vitamins!! Exercise!! 
and NAPS!! 

I am convinced the nap I took today saved my life. Except I am still in that hung-over-from-a-nap-mode and moving rather sluggishly. but the laundry is going and the piles on the bed as I sort clothes is looking less like a mound and more like stacks. This is a YES. This is a NO. This is a MAYBE. 

It has been a lot of fun at work this past week as the older ladies on the circuit (all the grandmas!) have been so excited for me as I share about my upcoming trip. "Four Years?!" they cry when I say how long since I've seen them. It's affirming and encouraging, especially when I share a wee bit of trepidation over the visit. I love my daughter fiercely as I am sure all the mom's out there can identify with, but we have had our share of ups and downs and even went through a very painful time of not speaking to each other for nearly a year. But that was the past, and while the past certainly shapes our future, I am looking only forward, anticipating the very best and setting my mind and heart on the adventure and the experience.  

But first, I have to finish the packing!!

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