Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mission Tall Timber

going on a mission trip. 

 In just a few days we will be loading up Big Yellow Truck, plus a couple of carloads of people and heading east to our favorite little camp, Tall Timber Ranch for the Memorial Day Weekend. Better known in camp as Work & Worship Weekend, we will enjoy fellowship with friends as we work on service projects together, worship together and enjoy some recreation in a spectacular setting.

The main bulk of our group is our small group and we thought this a fitting way to bring the (school) year of our time together to a close. Then we opened up the invitation to anyone else who wanted to go with us and we quickly multiplied from 8 to 15!  We are excited to be leading the group and can't wait to share the beauty of Tall Timber with our church family. It's going to be a special weekend.

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  1. Oh the scenery! You will have to take a break sometime and get some pictures!


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