Friday, May 18, 2012

Jesus Loves Even Me

I woke up this morning with a cherished song from my childhood rising up from where it was tucked, in the memories of my heart. 

I love mornings like these. 

 I am so glad that our Father in Heav’n
Tells of His love in the Book He has giv’n;
Wonderful things in the Bible I see,
This is the dearest, that Jesus loves me.

 Some days I don't feel very loving or very lovable. Those are the days I need the reminder of God's unfailing love most. 

 I am so glad that Jesus loves me,
Jesus loves me, Jesus loves me.
I am so glad that Jesus loves me,
Jesus loves even me.

 Some days are fraught with stress and strife and threaten to crowd me before my feet have even hit the floor. Those are the days I need a song to sing even more. 

 Though I forget Him, and wander away,
Still He doth love me wherever I stray;
Back to His dear loving arms I do flee,
When I remember that Jesus loves me.

 There is a reason I have a tattoo on my ankle of a heart with musical notes rising from it: God put a song in my heart. When He rescued me from a broken miserable existence and  brought restoration and renewal to my life, He transformed me from a sad little shell of a girl into a woman with a song in her heart. 

Oh, if there’s only one song I can sing,
When in His beauty I see the great King,
This shall my song through eternity be,
“Oh, what a wonder that Jesus loves me!”

 Some days I sing louder than other days. Some days it's just a hum, a vibration, a single note.  Some days it feels like an entire orchestra has been dispatched just for me, to play my song and play it with all the vibrancy and imagination that is available. 

 Jesus loves me, and I know I love Him;
Love brought Him down my poor soul to redeem;
Yes, it was love made Him die on the tree;
Oh, I am certain that Jesus loves me!

Even on the days when the music is so low that I have to strain to hear anything, I know His GRACE is there, His LOVE. 

In this assurance I find sweetest rest,
Trusting in Jesus, I know I am blessed;
Satan, dismayed, from my soul now doth flee,
When I just tell him that Jesus loves me.

 I hope you find a reason to sing today. 

Words & Music: Phil­ip P. Bliss, 1870 

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