Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Sunday Walk

what a beautiful weekend we were blessed with!  It was perfect for taking another walk.

Old Deming Rd runs parallel to the Mt Baker Hwy and the Nooksack River

I take a lot of pictures of the railroad tracks but I never seem to catch the train!

My husband, my best friend, keeps me entertained.

well, naps are what we usually do on sundays!

over the railroad tracks and thru' the brush!
perfect weather!
the Love-Burkes

looking for heart shaped rocks and other fun stuff
Bruce said he 'found' this rock with the strange message carved in it. I of course pretended to believe him!!

carving my own secret message on a rock.
picmonkey special effects.
What a wonderful weekend. What a wonderful day.


  1. aren't we blessed to live here? i just thank the Lord every time i drive up Hwy 9 to Mt. Baker Hwy. great pics you took!


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