Saturday, April 14, 2012

Follow Through

It has not been that long since I started posting about Embracing Change but I really started this journey before I began this series. A friend on Facebook actually launched this whole idea by forming a group on FB dealing with weight loss. She calls it Chrysalis and there are about 15 members. We've been sharing tips and ideas, offering encouragement, a safe place to vent and a place to gain strength. The journey to anything-- spiritual fitness or physical fitness need not be done alone.

I have been logging my meals using an online calorie tracker but after 30 days of faithful follow through . (and sticking to 1200-1300 cals per day) I was frustrated and tired of the whole thing. Plus, I had not lost any weight!! On the bright side I did not gain anything but the plateau stage sucks!

I was working out at Curves 2-3 times a week but it was feeling like a hit and miss project as I only make it to Curves when I am scheduled to work and my work schedule has been a little all over the map. Then in the last couple of weeks I seem to have a schedule that allows 3 times a week, spaced out more evenly. I added walking to my regime. 30 minutes every day. It does wonders for my mental state even as it works my whole body.

Today I am celebrating, because even thought my weight is still where it was a month ago, I have lost inches!! I did a happy dance as I pulled on a pair of jeans this morning that a few weeks ago felt just too pinchy to wear all day. (and I did not have to lay down to zip them) And paired it with a t-shirt that I would normally discard because I felt to vulnerable (muffin top) to wear.

So, things ARE paying off!!
I am feeling stronger, leaner and happier!

Here are the things I want to focus on:
Staying on guard to keep the GOOD habits I am acquiring.
Diligence rather than willpower.
Pay attention to the details: how do my clothes fit (today they feel awesome!)
Remember the habits I have acquired and reflect on how I feel.
Celebrate EACH and EVERY moment, no matter whether it be small or large.

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