Thursday, April 12, 2012

Let's Do This Thing

If you have been following the posts here on Embracing Change, we are at Step FOUR which is Implementing the Plan.

To be honest, this one is a toughie for me right now. I want to follow the plan in my Curves Fitness & Weight Management book but it does require following a special food plan. Of course there are adaptions that can be made; exchange options. This will require me to be even more deliberate and thoughtful. And that can get old for me real quick. BUT -- and this is an important BUT-- I DO want to make this change and I do want success.

Regardless of what diet plan we decide to follow, there is always one fundamental step. Replacing the bad foods with healthier choices. It is suggested that we clean out our cupboards of everything processed and sweet. This can be a toughie when your budget will not allow you to purchase foods needed for following the program. (why is Top Ramen so cheap and things like fresh fruit and veggies so expensive?? Grrrr)

Still, I need to make this month my own: Stick to the plan and don't make a new decision after I begin. Each day I might be tempted to reconsider my decision. Don't reconsider-- recommit!

I said I would walk for 30 minutes every day. I said I would work out at Curves 3 x a week. I said I would follow the food plan to the best of my ability. For one month I will do this.

The magic of this month is the change that happens. This is where process kicks in!

Gaining weight happened gradually. It is estimated that the average woman gains about 2 lbs a year. It sneaks up on you till one morning you no longer can zip that sweet little skirt shut or carrying your toddler up the stairs strains your knees more than you care to admit. Excess weight chips away at our quality of life so gradually that we don't notice it till it's significant.

Losing weight happens the same way but in reverse. When you are feeding your body right and exercising it well you can see progress but it may feel small and inconsequential. Take heart! No progress is insignificant!

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