Wednesday, April 11, 2012


the Easter weekend was a beautiful~blessed~busy time..... and I'm still recovering. :) today is a veg-out day. canceled mom day in favor of going back to bed and sleeping till nearly noon and now sipping coffee and listening to the melodic sound of rain in the drainpipe. hubby told me to take today and rest. happy to oblige as cranky and ill are 2 things I really want to avoid.

happy to share some favorite fotos from our Resurrection Sunday.

before church we stopped at Eagle Watch Park & took a walk in the glorious sunshine. No eagles but the warm breeze & spectacular views were a balm.

the perfect rock for lounging.

these 2 handsome men greeted us upon our arrival at Bruce's son's home. 

~beautiful little family~

three generations of goodness

to add to the beautiful sunshiny day, we took a walk down by the water. Spectacular!

~~love this picture~~

Easter 2012

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  1. I so enjoyed the pictures of your family, the men... all three generations are very handsome.


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