Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Funk

Used to be Fridays were fun and fabulous! Date night loomed on the horizon, the beginning of the weekend. But I have to go to work in a few precious hours and I will work Sat. morning too. There won't be much time to play this weekend. Even date night seems like a stretch as by the time I get home tonight and think about dinner, I will be too tired to care about anything.

We actually have tentative plans to do a date tonight though. Our local high school is holding it's annual Community Talent Show. Always fun and entertaining. (I even participated in it a few times several many years ago-- I sang) So we talked about walking over there this evening after I get home. We'd just make it if we skip dinner. I would really like to go. It's a way to connect with the community that doesn't happen any other way. And the talent, while mostly raw, is often also surprising. Plus I get to hold hands with my honey while we walk to and from the school auditorium and we can nudge each other in the dark and whisper little secret jokes to each other as we watch the performances. I'd say we are a little overdue to a night out together.

Yesterday was a pretty crummy day. I was hit with a wave of pain and fatigue that had me slouched in my chair all day long. It was National Pajama Day at my house. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about 10 years ago and the last few years have been really good years. Very little pain, very few days of suffering and being unable to participate in *life*. Going off gluten and keeping active and on regular chiropractic visits have all done a lot towards keeping me in good shape. So I don't know what brought this episode on but it was a doozy. It hurt to move, it hurt to sit still. I was overwhelmed with fatigue and then the IBS kicked in. Not a pretty day. I did manage a shower around 3 and the hot water and steam was a relief. Made myself walk to the post office after that because I know that I have to keep moving or I will be in even worse shape the next day. Uggh. what a day.

Today is better. I was able to walk for 30 minutes this morning in the sunshine. I remembered to take my Vitamin D and wonder if the forgetting to take it for several days had anything to do with this flare up. I don't know.  Soon I have to leave for work and I despair over the thought of being cheery and interactive with everyone. I pray for a slow afternoon so I can continue to regain my strength and energy.

Not an exciting post today. Just a place to exercise my thoughts. And if hubby reads this before tonight, I am really looking forward to a date with you!! :)

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  1. Sorrry to hear about your crappy day my husband suffers with fibro and life is tough on those bad days so you are in my prayers to have some healing relief :)) the gluten free really helps?


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