Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Follow Up

No date for us tonight and that's OK. Instead we're replacing the carpet in our living room!

this carpet has been here for over 30 years!! it has withstood a bachelor dad and son, the Deming Posse (a group of boys from the middle school years into high school, graduation and beyond) and very bad cat activity.... it is definitely time for it to go!

A year or so ago, our friends were replacing their nearly new carpet in their family room with something neutral in color in order to ensure a quick sale on their house. The carpet was in a room almost identical in size and shape to our living room. They offered us the carpet and we happily accepted. The carpet sat rolled up in our garage waiting for the right time....

The right time is now! And one of the men in our Life Group was a carpet layer before he moved into hotel maintenance. He offered to remove the old, install the new in exchange for some carpentry skills from hubby. Nice trade. All we needed was an opening on the calendar.

today the friend calls and says "I can do your carpet this weekend. I will start tonight!"
Whoo Hoo!!

When I got home from work this evening I found the guys laying down the new pad. The carpet is being stretched out in the room now and allowing it to warm up. tomorrow they will finish laying it and move all the furniture back in. I can't wait!

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