Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Dinner

The smell of roast chicken wafts through the air of our home as we prepare for Sunday Dinner with friends. There is something special about sitting down for a full course meal with loved ones after church on Sunday.

We used to do this EVERY Sunday growing up. Mom would put the pot roast or the chicken in the roasting pan before we left for church and when we came home she'd put the potatoes which had been diced before hand and left in water, on to boil. Homemade rolls, green beans or peas would round out the meal. Gravy for the mashed potatoes, raspberry jam for the rolls... wonderful. and afterwards, with our tummies satiated, we would drift into the second best Sunday afternoon activity: the NAP.

Our Sundays are pretty lazy most weeks. So it feels like a holiday when we invite company over for Sunday Dinner. Makes me think we should be doing this more often.

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  1. I miss doing meals like that. I hope when I'm able to cook again, we can do this soon.


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