Thursday, March 15, 2012

spring is coming...

Last week we got a rare taste of spring... just to tease us before the Lion of March unleashed what we hope was it's last dose!!  These were taken on my favorite local walking route... so lucky to live in a such a rural area... small town.... so close to the river and the hills. So much beauty to appreciate. So much goodness flowing down.

I actually count myself blessed to hear the train rolling through each evening and occasionally in the middle of the night.

wondering if these geese were preparing a nest. the 'papa' goose was quiet loud in his honking as I passed by making me think perhaps he was acting territorially protective.

this was a fun picture to enhance. I love the blues and orange and making them 'pop' was a true delight.

close up of mama and papa honkers.

the colors came out looking like autumn in this one.

looking east towards the mountains. the cloud cover blocks the peek-a-boo view of majestic Mt. Baker

this frame is called 'cinema'. kind of cool. and you can choose different colors.

this was another fun one-- so much so that I did it once in sepia tones and again in Black & White. (below)

Thanks for walking with me. We'll do it again soon!


  1. Beautiful! Love the pops of color.

  2. absolutely stunning GOOD job. love the colors, the Lord's free gifts for us to enjoy and give thanks.

  3. Congrats! You are the winner of my giveaway! A Fine Pair of Misfits CD is yours! :)


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