Saturday, March 17, 2012

Just for Fun

We made it through another week! Bruce survived the gunshot wound to his knee (nail gun) and kept his job. I survived looking after him, and keeping things humming. Yay God!
He is still a little gimpy with the stiff knee and will continue his antibiotics but he's doing good. He reports to work Monday in the office to continue the work they assigned him (to do at home) of putting an estimate together on an upcoming project.

We're having a get together with dear friends tonight. 2 couples we were in a small group with for a long long time. One of the couples are missionaries, home on furlough from Honduras. Quite unintentionally the get together is falling on St. Patrick's Day but I decided to have a green theme for dinner!

In addition to a GREEN Salad, I am making the cauliflower pizza crust for dinner with PESTO SAUCE and grilled chicken, ARTICHOKES, GREEN PEPPERS and other yummy toppings. SPINACH DIP for the chips, LIME JELLO with shredded BROCCOLI slaw mix and while I didn't find GREEN BEER, I DID find Hard Cider made from Granny Smith apples which everyone knows are GREEN!! for dessert there are brownies with..... MINT ice cream, (provided the Quick Stop next door has it in stock-- I forgot to get some when I stopped for pesto sauce)
All for fun of course!!

Even more fun is the news that I WON a give away on this awesomely shiny blog. I am going to receive a CD from A Fine Pair of Misfits which is the self titled first album of her daughter and son-in-law. Very talented sweet couple and I have seen them perform in public and enjoyed all their fine songs.

it's been a good week. and then.....  to top things off..... We got these adorable pictures  of our youngest grandchild just in time for St. Paddy's Day. Too Cute!!

Big Bennett Burke looking flashy in his fine bowtie and special glasses.

this one is my favorite!

you think maybe he knows just how cute he is?

happy St. Patricks Day!


  1. Yay! Thank you for ENTERING the contest. I am very glad it was YOU who won:) Very adorable pictures of Bennett too...he is adorable.

  2. Those pics are adorable. A nail gun? EEK.


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