Thursday, March 15, 2012

thankfulness and worry don't really mix

Even as I lift my thanks and praise I can feel the words weighted with worry. Because I can't quite shake the feelings of anxiousness as I think about my husband, his new job, the injury, and how this is really going over in the office. They were wonderfully gracious about assigning him office work for the next few days but we both sense a undercurrent of disquiet over the whole incident. Still, with little control over the whole thing, what can we do but PRAISE GOD AND GIVE IT ALL TO HIM?!

I'm thankful today that my daughter is feeling better. After playing nursemaid to her housefull of sick children for a couple of weeks, mommy succumbed to the illness and ended up in the ER yesterday, dehydrated and asthmatic. It is such a helpless feeling to learn via texting that your baby girl who is 1000's of miles away is this ill and you can't do anything to help her. So even as I give thanks for the medicines and Doctor and other people in her life to help care for her, I fidget anxiously. Again I am reminded I have no control over this and I can ONLY TURN THIS OVER TO GOD.

At Curves, where I am working, we have a machine called the Lateral Lift. You stand in the machine with your feet shoulder width apart. You grab a handle on each side of you, about hip height. You pull up one side, tipping your side at the waist. Then you tip the other direction. It is working the lateral muscles, or love handles, and the trick is to pull up. but so often the ladies forget and they push the handle down. They pull up on one side and they push down  on the other..... which is ineffective. I tell the ladies "Lift up and let go. It's like our prayers--- we lift our prayers up -- and then let them go!"

It's a good reminder. When we turn our worries into prayers and then send them upward, we can trust that the One who hears our prayers is more than capable of taking over from here.

if only my love handles could be dealt with so successfully...

p.s. the curves where i am working is looking for part time help. if you live locally (whatcom county, washington) you might check it out. it's a pretty fun job. :)

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