Saturday, January 28, 2012

why I love saturdays

Toddy has Saturday figured out too.
there is no reason
to have to get up early
and do something.
My husband goes 
to his weekly men's group;
breakfast and bible study every Saturday morning.
he kisses me goodbye while i
am still unconscious and buried
under the warm blankets on our bed.
i wake up when i am done sleeping
and stretch in luxury.
i find my robe and slippers
and enjoy a cup of java
snuggled in my favorite chair
as close to the fire as i can get.
the house has a messy tousled look
-- like my hair--
and i will ignore it for
most of the day because
it's Saturday and i don't feel like doing anything.
i will eat left over chocolate cake
for breakfast and grin 
as i wipe the crumbs off my chin.
my list of things to do 
starts and ends with:
go to the library.


  1. Oh this is just beautiful. Don't you just love a good day off?!

  2. one of the best ways to spend a day...for sure!


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