Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Promise of the Lord's Presence

This morning as my man was leaving the house he paused in the open door. "Have you read your bible yet this morning?"

Now, this was not a judgement call. Not a holding me accountable moment. Just a 'did you read it because i did and i want to weigh something i read' kind of moment. I invited him to share, meanwhile wishing he'd step back in the house as it's darn nippy out and I, wrapped in a towel fresh out of the shower, was on my way upstairs to get dressed. Did I say it was nippy out? Darn nippy. But I am really trying to practice patience with my man these days as he's struggling with plenty of disappointments, responsibilities and stress.

From Exodus 23: "See I am sending my angel before you to lead you safely to the land I have prepared for you." God was speaking to Moses but Bruce heard Him loud and clear this morning speaking to him. I love that Bruce was reading, that he heard God speaking to him and that he drew strength from it. I love knowing that as Bruce tromps all over Whatcom County today, with resumes and a list of places to go to, that this verse will reside in his heart and mind. That's the Living Breathing Word of God right there folks! 

It's speaking to me too. After I was dressed I sat down for my quiet time with the Lord and since both Bruce and I are following the same reading plan, this was what I read today too. it didn't jump out at me as it did for Bruce but the whole section from verses 20-33 was a fair warning and encouragement for me. 

We are both actively looking for work. For Bruce this is not a new thing by any means. Self employed in construction means always looking for the next job but for the 30 plus years he has been self employed he has needed to do very little searching as the leads have come to him through word of mouth, networking and God's provision. But now with so many people scratching and clawing for survival, and with God seemingly leading Bruce into something different than what he has been doing, looking for a job has taken on a new meaning. We are seriously considering closing down the business and letting all that is involved in that go, in trade for a regular 9-5, 40 hour work week and steady paycheck-- and, be still my heart --benefits.

And I am looking for something part time and putting my resume out there and filling out applications and checking out Craigslist and other classifieds every day. I found a job posting for a church as receptionist type position and I also applied for a receptionist type position in a secular setting. I applied at Curves in Bellingham which gave me a huge chuckle as I did so, thinking how fun it would be to do the part of the job I loved without having to carry the weight of ownership on my shoulders. more on that in a minute, I want to get back to how the scripture passage spoke to me.

It serves me more as a reminder/warning about maintaining my Christian values in the face of social pressure. I don't view myself as super susceptible to being drug down if I went to work in a secular place  but it was a timely reminder to not sacrifice what I hold near and dear in exchange for a few hours of work each week. In other words, I can trust God to supply my needs and not take any job offer that might mean I would have to give up things I am involved in, such as being a small group facilitator, or a table leader at Dream School. YAY!

So about Curves. Yup, I dropped off a resume on Monday and got a call from the owner on Wed. We had a good chat over the phone and it sounds very positive. I am going to go in on Monday to get a better feel for things. It's very part time and the hours would work fairly well for me plus I'd be able to work out-- something I have been missing terribly! I feel optimistic and enthusiastic about this opportunity.

Meanwhile, my man is checking out all kinds of opportunities. He applied online with Samaritan's Purse even though there were not any specific listings. They called the next day to ask him if he would be interested in a 90 day carpentry commitment!! it is a paying job but the catch is it's in Haiti. 

sigh. We feel pretty strongly that's just not the right place right now.

But again, we know the Lord is leading and He will lead us BOTH into the place He has prepared for us. He has promised us.

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  1. Sounds like you are truly letting God lead you. I wish you the very best.


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