Friday, January 27, 2012

randomess of my week and I am thankful

Give thanks in all things for this is the will of God for you. 1 Thessalonians 5:18

i applied for a job and got an encouraging --if not totally by-the-book-standard-thank-you-for-applying-email from them with some reasons to think I would hear more soon.

thank you Lord for this opportunity to explore an exciting new career!

we had an intense meeting with one of our pastors where he spoke to us with deep love and conviction about several truths we needed to hear.

thank you Lord for our prayer and care pastor and the truths he spoke. thank you that we were able to listen, hear and receive these words.

we applied for food stamps this week and got turned down because my self employed husband makes too much money (based on gross wages averaged out over the last 12 months)

thank you Lord that we learned somethings about ourselves in the process of applying and being denied.  we are NOT defined by this.

Have enjoyed not one but TWO instant message chat sessions with my daughter this week, both lengthy and fun.

thank you Lord for restoring our relationship and giving us ways to talk when we can't remove the miles between us.

attended a solid 90 minutes of intense worship at church the other night. Voices lifted in praise, shouts of joy, dancing and hands lifted high in worship to Christ our King. Yahwey we love to shout your name!

thank you Lord for giving us this way to praise you! thank you for the worship team who led us to new heights!

a cough that quickly turned into a chest cold that left me tired and hoarse but left as quickly as it came.

thank you Lord for restoring my health. and for cough drops, tea and the warm fire to veg in front of. thank you for...

Random Acts of Kindness distributed by neighbors, friends, family and even strangers, things as simple as a smile, sunshine that broke through the clouds and a dry day, creamer for my coffee, a special song that played just when I needed to hear it, witnessing someone hugging someone who really really needed it, sharing tears, heartaches and sorrow, celebrating answered prayer, gluten free chocolate cake, an encouraging phone call from my big brother, love exhibited in many forms, truth, honesty and character building moments...

and more... oh, so much more....

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  1. God is so amazing. I love how He can teach us things through various options/decisions/choices in life.

    May God continue to bless you and your family. Have a great weekend!


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