Monday, December 19, 2011

this feels like Saturday!

We're home. Arrived about 3 am this morning, uggghhh. lack of sleep makes me punchy. but we are home, safe and sound and trying to get back into the groove but it feels weird!

We attended a wedding this morning too which really throws my sense of time and days off. However, it was a sweet sweet wedding (more on that in another post) and now that the house has warmed up and the cat is home from boarding and the mail has been collected, I want to ignore the piles of laundry and dirt tracked into the house in favor of the gift to myself that arrived while I was gone. Yes, we're talking about a book.

I was given a gift certificate to as a thank you from Dream School for being a table leader and driver and I put it to good use right away!! Ordered the newest book in Sue Grafton's Alphabet series V is for Vengence. And today all I want to do is curl up in the easy chair, by the fire, sip hot beverages and get lost in this good book.

After all my husband has gone to bed to catch up on hours of lost sleep. It sure feels like a Saturday!


  1. I've always felt that there should be a thing called a vacation from a vacation. Because after catching up on all that "stuff" sometimes the restfulness of the vacation just melts away to fast.
    Welcome back Robyn and enjoy your book.

  2. Vacations are so fun, but I know you are happy to be home.

    Sound like the perfect day! The past couple of days have had that sort of feeling to them.


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